Christchurch & Surrounds: Top Picks (Part 2!)

One thing you can definitely avoid at the weekends in NZ is sitting on your sweet butt and twiddling your digits. Options within 1-2 hours of Christchurch are ENDLESS and it will take many years before we are close to seeing everything on our list! Here are a few of ours favs... Experience Akaroa, a... Continue Reading →

Christchurch & Surrounds: Top Picks (Part 1!)

Since moving to Christchurch 5 months ago, I have been inundated with friends and family exclaiming 'I want to go toooooo!!'. To honour this excitement, I have prepared a list of some the things we lurve to do in and near Christchurch. In Part 2, I will cover our favourite places within a 2h drive so stay... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Colorado

I first visited Denver back in January 2008, after getting funding to learn a new research technique in a lab at the University of Colorado. Denver seemed like a nice, pleasant city. Lots of strip malls. HUGE cars. The kind that require a step ladder to even reach the first step. Huge food portions. Huge... Continue Reading →

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