Spring is ‘Springing’

I imagine pretty much every living soul in the Northern Hemisphere is starting to crawl out of hibernation and breathe deeply into spring-filled air. It is happening later than usual this year for us in Copenhagen, also in my beloved Colorado, where I lived for several years – several feet of snow fell again last night, causing newly blooming flowers to shrink back inside themselves.

Spring is always a joyous time of year! Bare branches become dotted with leaf and flower buds; grey branches rapidly become gloriously and luminously green, and a lucky few become heavily laden with sweet smelling flowers. Seeds are planted. Doors and windows are opened. Duvets are aired. People start to feel lighter. Strangers smile at each other, filled with a new energy, and a vision of what (hopefully) is to come over the next months.

There are some gorgeous parks dotted around Copenhagen, perfect for leaf peeping. One of my most favourite places though is Dyrehaven, a HUGE park about a 30 minute train ride north of Copenhagen. The hunting lodge in the middle of this massive park will be familiar to those of you who have seen the film ‘Out of Africa’. You can walk for HOURS in this place. You can also cycle. Run. Horse ride. You pick. It is an immense oasis, so close to Copenhagen, yet seemingly so far away. In the summer, you can pop across to the beach on the other side of the train station and work on your tan lines. In the winter, you can rent cross country skis and glide through the park. This is also a GREAT place for ‘deer spotting’.

If you have more than a few days in Copenhagen, I strongly advise you to consider jumping on a train to ‘Klampenborg’ to visit this luscious area. (Klampenborg station is at the entrance to Dyrehaven on the left, and the beach – Bellevue – on the right). Dyrehaven is also the location for the worlds oldest amusement park (Bakken) if that tickles your fancy!

Happy Spring!

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