About Me

I am an Aussie-born lover of adventure, travel, cooking, whisky, honey and Vegemite, who has lived, worked & travelled in many different places around the world. My husband and I just packed up all our gear and moved from Copenhagen to Christchurch! Excited to be able to share our journey down under with you!

I have long been fascinated in how how the body copes under low oxygen levels and this interest has taken me to some stunning areas of the world (both to travel and research) feeding my complete and utter love of nature and the outdoors. I have spent time working / researching at at a hospital near Everest base camp, high up in areas of Chile & northern India, and travelled to many breathtaking locations in Europe, U.S and New Zealand. I also spent a few months working for a charity in Tanzania and in Peru whilst at University. These experiences have never stopped inspiring me.

If you are wondering where the name Happy Little Vegemite came from, I’m guessing you aren’t Australian and need to check out this childhood favourite.

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions, thoughts, comments.  You can also follow me on instagram @mrs_great_dane.

– Emily15672634_10101630229466115_4760208456742544953_n

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